Kodi 2


Kodi is one of Balto's pups. He was only seen in Balto 3 Wings Of Change as a husky that looks more like his mom Jenna he has got Balto's IQ . His team takes the mail to Nome. but during the movie he acts kinda mean (Just has a bad attiude) althougth he sounds like Balto a little. During the film he was hoping to get a full time job as the mail tranpoter untill

Kodi and his Team

a guy named Duke brougth his Bush plane to town and he wanted a race to see if the bush plane was faster than the sled dog team. So Kodi's team was worried that they were not going to be able to out run the plane so Kodi seeks help from his dad. Balto relized that he trieds to out run the bush plane but he never does. When Balto was upset because he was a friade that he was going to let Kodi down.
Jenna 4

Jenna Yelling at Kodi

When the race was about to begin Kodi told his dad that this was going to be great Balto looked worried but Jenna told him no matter what happens Kodi will always think of him as a hero. Kodi team won and they relize that the bush plane had not retured kodi did not care he just went on with his life thougth when Balto goes after the plane Jenna tells Kodi that he should be there with him Kodi reilzed that and he helped balto at the end.

Seen in-Balto 3 Wings of Change

Voice Actor-Sean Astin